Much of Simmons' scholarship can be accessed at Google ScholarSSRN or bepress Selected works.

Select Law Review Articles

Wills Above Ground, 24 Elder Law Journal 343 (2016)

Testamentary Incapacity, Undue Influence, and Insane Delusions, 60 South Dakota Law Review 101 (2016)

Medicaid as Coverture, 26 Hastings Women's Law Journal 275 (2015)

Decanting and Its Alternatives: Remodeling and Revamping Irrevocable Trusts, 55 South Dakota Law Review 253 (2010)

A Sampling of Other Writings

Mapping Chinese Trusts with a Patrimony Compass, JOTWELL (Jan. 28, 2016)

Integrating SNTs with IRAs, NAELA Special Needs Law Newsletter 8 (Fall 2010)

When Gift Planning Goes Awry, 27 National Law Journal 23 (2005)

Highways, Hunters, and Section Lines: Tensions Between Public Access and Private Rights, 2 Great Plains Natural Resources Journal 240 (1997)

Thomas E. Simmons

A South Dakota Lawyer

Associate Professor

University of South Dakota School of Law

Vermillion, South Dakota